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Building the ultimate long range rifle

The basis of Dutch Long Arms is actually a childhood dream. Pim de Waard, known to most people as the gunsmith from Pirosport in Krimpen aan den IJssel (The Netherlands), was already developing rifles as a little boy. At age five he had made a design ans showed it to his mother, with the kind request to bring that design to a factory for the gun to be made. Obviously not much came of that.

Whiskey in the garden

A few decades later the situation is very different. Pim has been building long-range rifles for quite some time now  and was talking with his associates Frank and Kevin about the possibillities to shoot the ultimate long range match: the King of 2 Miles competition which is to be held in the South of France in 2019. On this match shot are fired at the unlikely distance of 3,225 meters. It was clear: they had to build a gun suitable for this competition, but was was it supossed to look like? A quiet evening with a glass of whiskey in the garden, and the idea was born: Pim devised a new bolt action system. He then built an entirely new and innovative rifle based on his idea. The Ascalon XL is sold all over the world and we are now working on it's big brother: the Ascalon XXL. 

New Brand

The Ascalon and future inventions will be marketed under the new brand: Dutch Long Arms. This is a brand under the Pirosport holding. All patents and trademarks are owned by Pim de Waard and PIROSPORT.