Pim de Waard


Pim is a former commercial diver and has some experience as a musician as well. After years of trying all kinds of professions he found a hobby in sports shooting which finally led him to where he is today, a passionate gunsmith, an inventor, a businessman and last but not least still an avid sportshooter. Pim is primarily selftought, which enables him to think “outside the box” which has resulted in several inventions and patents. As a gunsmith he firmly believes “anything is possible” and he is still to be proven wrong.

In 2010 Pim founded Pirosport. A business that has grown exponentially in the past few years. Along the way he teamed up with Kevin Pingen, a young and very skillfull gunsmith. Together they passionately continue to run Pirosport while doing what they love most, shooting at increasingly longer distances.

Pim is also active as a teacher and examiner at the Dutch Police Academy, a firearms trainer and as a firearms and ballistics consultant for several governmental departments and other businesses.

Pim is known to be very passionate about his work and slightly fanatic when it comes to work ethics. Apparently his weeks have 8 days with 25 hours and he’s been known to rarely sleep. Like most inventors he is also a bit chaotic, a bit of a dreamer and some might say he is even….a bit whacky.


Pim started PIROSPORT in 2010.  Since then he transformed his small gunshop to the big store with great workplace and small test range it is today. PIROSPORT is well known in the Netherlands and Europe. They specialize in custom long range rifles.

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