The Hyperion

The Hyperion

The Hyperion


The first ten Ascalons

From blanc to black

Ten triggers


Black Ascalon with family crest

Blue Ascalon

Golden Ascalon

Black Ascalon

Customization of a custom

Pim and EvLinche

Pim teamed up with famous artist EvLinche to make his Ascalon even more custom!

Ascalon customized by EvLinche

Ascalon customized by EvLinche

The making of

See EvLinche at work in our workplace

ELR Shoot at vaaldam, SA

Hitting the 3240m at Vaaldam

Pim at Vaaldam

Ascalon hit the 3240m at Vaaldam

Ascalon and Peregrine

Pim with his first Ascalon