Our Partners

Dutch Long Arms is supported by several partners:


Pim started PIROSPORT in 2011. In 7 years he transformed his small gunshop to the big store with great workplace and small testrange it is today. Together with Frank and Kevin PIROSPORT is well known in the Netherlands and Europe. They specialize in custom long range rifles.

Guus van der Kaaden

Guus van der Kaaden is license manager at Dutch Long Arms and responsible for the international business and global expansion of the Dutch Long Arms brand.

Guus has over 40 years of experience in doing business across the globe and is specialized in exploiting intellectual property rights from copyright to patents.

The products of Dutch Long Arms as well as the brand are protected by Intellectual Property Rights.

Contact Guus, when you are interested in obtaining a license or if your order has an international aspect.

Online Patents B.V.

OnlinePatents is an Intellectual Property firm focusing on gaining competitive advantages for its clients, so that they can grow and meet their goals. They arranged everything necessary for our patent on the Ascalon. 

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