Our Partners

Dutch Long Arms is supported by several partners:

Peregrine Monolithics

Peregrine BulletsTM was born from the desire to achieve the almost impossible and our determination and grit was rewarded with the invention of Peregrine lead-free bullets – monolithic bullets that are velocity insensitive and offer consistent expansion i.e. achieve terminal effect, reliable expansion and a full mushroom at velocities from as high as 3400 fps to as low as 1600 fps, all while being effective regardless of the target aimed at.

Our ability to achieve these design goals helped us secure patents for our technologically advanced designs. Peregrine Bullets’ designs and performance improvements represent a quantum leap advance over traditional bullets. Welcome to the future!

Nightforce Optics

Nothing is like a Nightforce Riflescope.

Exceptional products, each built with painstaking craftmanship and a fanatical attention to detail. 

VTSU Zahorie

Military Technical and Testing Institute Záhorie is a development and testing facility of the Ministry of Defense of the Slovak Republic.

The Institute has since its inception (1923) engaged in the testing of armaments and equipment of ground troops.

In the 70s to 80s of the 20th century, extensive construction of additional test objects was carried out and upgrading of test equipment.

Until the dissolution of the CSFR, the institute was mainly oriented as a test base for the needs of the Armed Forces department
arms industry.

With the establishment of the Slovak Republic, the Institute also takes over research and development activities and becomes one of the research and development activities
of the Ministry of Defense of the Slovak Republic ensuring the development and testing of weapons, ammunition and explosives.

The Institute has an accredited testing laboratory for the commodities listed. He is an authorized person for conformity assessment with technical requirements and is authorized to classify explosive substances and articles UN recommendations for the transport of dangerous goods.

Coldbore Range DK

Everyone from the "new hunter" to the experienced sports shooter and everyone who wants to push themselves and their rifle to 1.5 Mile (2414 m) is welcome on the shooting range in Denmark.

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