So.....we made this rifle that shoots really far, but most scopes do not seem to have enough elevation to adequatly engage targets at extreme distances. Good as they are, they have their limits. Of course there are MOA or MRAD mounts and rails to boost the elevation on your scope and/or extend your zero, but these often do not have enough elevation or, when adjustable, are not reliable enough. Especially when the more louder "bang" is involved. Enter the "Hyperion" passively adjustable scope mount by Dutch Long Arms. Why passively and what does that mean? It means you can adjust it from 0 to 200 MOA or 55 MRAD, but when its on your rifle it's meant not to move. Being infinitely variable you can get the most out of your scope and rifle, but its meant to stay in a fixed position. It does have a system with adjustable and customizable presets for repeatabillity and different settings, but as mentioned its intended purpose is not to move once mounted. There is nothing worse then missing a shot because your scope mount "decided" to adjust all by itself with the much dreaded flyer as a consequence. Yes, we know. Its what you've been looking for right?

Black Ascalon with Hyperion mount

YES! I want one!

Off course you do! You can simply mail in your order and we will send your Hyperion to you. 

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