The Ascalon

We would like to present you the Ascalon (patent pending).

It concerns a totally new and innovative rifle with a unique bolt action rifle system. 

This unique invention should be compatible with most calibres, but it is especially suited for calibres up to .408 CT. Simply put: it is highly suitable for cartridges and users that are often using high pressure loads with expected consequences.

In a scaled down version a hunting version is also possible and from a length point of view the system may hold the middle between a traditional and a Bull-pup rifle.

The Details

At first glance it appears to be a relative conventional bolt action system. It uses a 2 lug bolt and, as with 99% of the bolt action rifles, it is a "cock on open system". However, what makes this system so unique is the following:

  1. The "cock on open" movement is separated from the "primary extraction" movement. This means that the bolt can be fully turned, and cocked at the same time, without engaging the primary extraction. Due to this the system moves more subtle and simpler. Also, this allows the lugs to dial clear from the action BEFORE the primary extraction takes place.

what's next?

After succesfully introducing the Ascalon XL, we are now working on the Ascalon XXL (up to .50 calibre).


This invention has a lot of advantages:

  • 1. A jammed rifle due to a stuck case is now a thing of the past.
  • 2. Manipulation is a lot easier.
  • 3. The bolt maintains a true position relative to the cartridge without demanding very small tolerances within the rifle.
  • 4. The production process has been drastically simplified.