Getting ready for The King of 2 Miles

At this moment we are building 5 pre-production models. The first one was made entirely by Pim and the Pirosport Team. For the next phase we will work together with production partners. With this pre-production model we can work out the most efficient proces to produce the Ascalon rifle in larger numbers.

Pim will shoot one of the pre-production models in April in France at the King of 2 Miles.
To be as succesfull as he anticipates for the 3.2 kilometer range, the pre production model will be made in .375 Cheytac.

Here are some pictures of our work in progress!


The Ascalon has a lot of advantages:

  • 1. A jammed rifle due to a stuck case is now a thing of the past.
  • 2. Manipulation is a lot easier.
  • 3. The bolt maintains a true position relative to the cartridge without demanding very small tolerances within the rifle.
  • 4. The production process has been drastically simplified.