Hyperion TAC

After the succes of the first Hyperion scope mounts we noticed a demand for an O.T.F. (on the fly) adjustable version. A version with which the user was able to switch between elevation settings in mere seconds. So instead of a passive elevation adjustment system an active version seemed to be wanted, but whithout sacrificing the dependability, ruggedness and repeatability of the original design.

Further more, professionals suggested a lighter and more tactical version with modular rails so all types of accessories could be added. One of those professionals, Eduardo Abril de Fontcuberta, was in fact so enthusiastic about the original Hyperion that he offered to help with some design suggestions.

I got to work.....

I am proud to reveal the result. My newly designed Hyperion Tac is now available for 34mm as well as 35mm tubes and has a min/max setting adjustable up to 210 MOA or 60 Mrads. Simply unlock by flipping two levers, move the scope forward or backwards to a preset and preferred elevation setting, lock again and shoot. It also comes with a retractable and ambidextrous bubble level. Rails can be added directly on the rings, or on a utility bracket that can also be installed for most scope models. 

The Features

  • It is “actively (on-the-fly) adjustable” and has an option to set your own minimum and maximum settings. For example, you can start at a minimum of 20 MOA and then easily add 60MOA in the field. Just release the clamps mounted on the top and move the scope forwards or rearwards until it reaches its pre-set stops. The great thing about is that, as with the previous designs, you can determine these settings yourself. The total range is a staggering 210 MOA or 60 Mrad. This will (in theory) even transform your .22 into a Long Range rifle!
  • It is a lightweight, slimmed and trimmed down version, but without sacrificing durability, repeatability, strength and ruggedness.
  • The mount has a retractable bubble level that you can either use on the left or the right side. This is good news for lefty’s as well as the nearsighted (such as the designer himself) because the bubble is placed halfway the mount. During transport the bubble level easily stores in the middle (inside) the mount. 
  • You can attach one or two rails directly on top of the rings for red dots, range finders, dope card holders, flashlights and rearview mirrors and if that is not enough, you can also add a bracket to add even more rails. This bracket allows for extra rails on the side while still maintaining a good view on the turret.
  • The mount is designed to be placed on a regular Nato rail or Picatinny.
  • The Hyperion TAC is available in 34 mm and 35 mm. Depending on demand more dimensions are likely to follow in the future.
HYPERION TAC pre-production drawing

YES! I want one! keep me posted!

Off course you do! Just shoot as an e-mail and we will send you an update and price as soon as they are ready.