Aspects of the long-range rifle by Pim de Waard

Upon request Pim wrote an article for On Target Africa about what he thinks makes a good Long Range rifle. We thought you might like to read it as well.

Just click on the image below to go read the article.

If you want to read the entire magazine (recommended!), that’s also possible. On Target Africa is an excellent and very well written South African Magazine with a fresh point of view for sport shooters and hunters. Enjoy!

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It's here! The Hyperion TAC

After the succes of the first Hyperion scope mounts we noticed a demand for an O.T.F. (on the fly) adjustable version. A version with which the user was able to switch between elevation settings in mere seconds. So instead of a passive elevation adjustment system an active version seemed to be wanted, but whithout sacrificing the dependability, ruggedness and repeatability of the original design.

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