The first ten Ascalons are being finished as we speak. The first clients have received their rifles.
As you can see, all colours are possible; orange, black, golden and blue. Next to be finished are green and blanc. You can find more pictures in the photo album.

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This is the very first 2 Mile open shoot ever hosted in South Africa. 

The winner is DJ Van Zyl with two hits, one on the 2000m target and the other at 2700m. 

Thanks to all who joined in this exiting event. The venue is already confirmed for next year and we extend a hearty welcome to all who share the same passion to join us again at the Vaal Dam next year this time.


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Ascalon visits South Africa

Before entering the King of two Miles, Pim made a bet with Alliwyn Oberholster, CEO of Peregrine Bullets and our ballistic partner. If he made it to the top 10, they would celebrate in South Africa. Well, 4th place was definetely reason to celebrate! 

Pim made arrangements and went over to Johannesburg for a two week visit. In these great two weeks, Pim and Alliwyn made more plans: the first Peregrine/Pirosport ELR shoot in Vaaldam was born. 

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Fourth place in the King of 2 Miles

Two years ago our mission was to design and produce a completely new long range rifle. Our goal was to compete in the King of 2 Miles and make it to the final round. We are extremely proud that we achieved our goal and placed ourselves as number 4 in the top 10. 
The Ascalon has proven itself!

We want to thank Peregrine Bullets, Nightforce, VTSU Zahorie, Coldbore Range DK and MDG for their neverending support. Also a big thanks to all our fans and friends. 

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